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  • Evolution or intelligent design? Let`s say you can have both …

    The Sonar Xpure is a member of our highly acclaimed SONAR Series of active on-board bass electronics, effectively bridging the gap between „active“ vs. „passive“ systems. The sound of passive with the advantages of an active system.
    It is designed to faithfully carry and reproduce the true and uncoloured output signal of your existing passive pickups, fully retaining their tonal integrity, signal dynamics and frequency response, enhancing the subtle nuances and dimensional expressiveness of the instruments and players personality.

    Your TONE. Only better.

    So what is the DELANO Sonar Xpure and how does it work? What is inside the tiny black box?

    It is a buffer. High impedance input to low impedance output. True fidelity, pure tone.

    It is a line driver. Total signal integrity even with long cable runs and dedicated FX chains.

    It is a preamp, capable of boosting your signal level up to +10 dB. Clean. Uncoloured.

    It is a built-in intelligent battery power management and voltage distribution system.

    Internal voltage conversion (9V to18V), for greatly extended headroom. One dedicated (double voltage=18 V) power output for additional active electronics available: The DELANO Sonar Xpure can power your existing onboard EQ with 18V DC from a single 9V battery.

    What does that mean?
    Yes, pristine dynamics and clean headroom and on steroids.
    Priceless and lossless.

    Plus: Imagine a normal 9V battery is said to be „dead“, when it reads 8,8 volts. The DELANO Sonar Xpure would still have 17,6 volts to deal with internally. So even when the battery reads as low as 4,5 volts, the Sonar Xpure will still be working on a „healthy“ 9 volts.
    Same is true for the dedicated power distribution output.
    The DELANO Sonar Xpure is fully compatible to a wide variety of other makers onboard electronics, effectively serving as a highest quality input stage AND voltage/power distribution system for most of them. Preamp gain boost is adjustable with an internal trim pot, from unity gain to +10dB.

    For the purist, the DELANO Sonar Xpure can and shall be used standalone. Switchable or hard-wired. Even outside the box“, after the output jack. (Imagine the true voice of your prized vintage instrument with the muscle of a modern day high end active bass.)

    Pure Tone. Incredible signal dynamics. Greatly optimized battery efficiency. Small, compact design.

    Please make sure your existing EQ is able to handle an input voltage of 18 volts!
    Don’t use an input voltage of more than 9 volts for the Sonar Xpure!

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