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The Delano pickup covers are an essential part of the pickup construction. Our injection moulds are high precision engineered to fulfill our requirements.
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Before production, every pickup shell passes a sampling process to check parameters like wall thickness and surface.
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Our wire stock rack contains standard vintage gauges just as lots of custom made gauges for the special use on our pickups
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Sabine Jedamzik programs the cnc bobbin routing machine.
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The bobbin routing process
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Taking of the routed bobbins
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Back to office. Besides being present the work-shop, Sabine Jedamzik handles all the office work.
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Looks easier than it is: A perfect pressure grouting requires a correct press-in force.
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Custom tools are required for centering polepieces.
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Reinhard Jedamzik in his custom shop laboratory. This is the place, where all custom and pre-series pickups are developed and all winding parameters are set.
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Scatter winding a 70th JB™ pickup.
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This vintage pickup is ready to rock for the next 40 years.
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Copper foil stripes for a proper pickup shielding
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Preparing a bobbin for the winding process on one of our winding machines.
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After winding, the pickup is magnetized through magnetizing coils.
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The magnetizing procedure is controlled in strength and duration.
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Reinhard Jedamzik makes a final check at a 4string TheHybrid pickup.
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