double split coil humbucker

  • kreis9 DJC 4 HE/M2
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  • A quad coil, double split coil humbucking unit, our DJC 4 HE/M2 pickup in a twin JB® format features almost limitless coil configurations, like series, parallel -or in-line humbucking modes to obtain a myriad of useful tonal possibilities. With a set of two DJC 4 HEs, you can have the string sensing patterns (a.k.a. sounds) of many important vintage basses in just one instrument.

    In all wiring or switching modes, the DJC 4 HE/M2 will work great in passive or active circuits.
    When used as a bridge unit, it will nicely work with our JC 4 HE/M2 pickup.

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