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  • An uncompromising pickup series that combines in one single construction the two most legendary sounds in bass history!

    Part 1: J-Bass® – Single coil bridge pickup with the immortal characteristics of early 60’s pickups. AlNiCo V magnets, classic fibre bobbin and gauge 42 wire.
    Part 2: Sting Ray® Humbucker – Low resistance neck coil with 9.5 millimetre AlNiCo V magnets. Authentic sound is guaranteed in this setting too, thanks to the specially engineered bridge J-coil: the second MM®-coil is integrated inside.

    Switching concept:
    The integrated switch manager lets you get both of these great classic sounds at the touch of a toggle, each one reconstructed exactly in its original form with all its strengths and nuances of character: Passive function in single-coil mode, active function with the DELANO SONAR 2- or 3-band preamp activated in Humbucker mode. The internal switching of the pickup is lightning fast, too! For maximum sound authenticity we recommend the custom neck version of our J®-single coil JC 5 AL/H for the neck position. With both pickups switched on, this JJ-arrangement typically produces a noise-free output.

    No trouble with treble:
    The ’Hybrid’ set includes a specially designed treble pot that works as a typical passive tone control for the J®-sounds in the passive mode and doubles as the active treble EQ in the Sting Ray® setting. The neutral setting is located conveniently in the middle position; when switching, it’s easy to get the basic settings you need.

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